It vacuum packs any product introduced in a plastic bag and closes it inside the chamber with an aluminium clip.

By the sole introduction of the product in upright position inside the chamber, and after closing the door, the HELVAC performs the entire vacuum packing process, the clipping and trimming of the excess bag material. Finally, the door opens automatically.

The variant HELVAC 940 has the same features of the HELVAC, but with a longer vacuum chamber.


Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.

Fully pneumatic operation.

Minimum maintenance.
Our firm provides lubricant ALB-591 in spray and in can, which meets all EU and USA demanded requirements for its use in the Food Industry.

Following our standards, its devices and elements are protected by our own patents. In order to improve the machine, we reserve the right of modifications without prior notice.


Net weight:
(without vacuum pump) 151 Kg
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption: 20 liters/cycle



range of clips

H-16, H-18, H-21