Starting from a spool of artificial casing, the NUDO AUTOMÁTICA performs total automatically the pleating, tying, cutting, at the selected size. At the end of the process, it leaves the products hanging up by a loop.

It is supplied with a double counter; a total counter and a presetting one which switches off automatically once the selected quantity of casings has been processed.

Without aluminium clip, only with string. Offer of an industrial production with a handcrafted product presentation.

Computer-controlled; it adapts to a wide range of products by just changing different selected sequences.


Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.

Electropneumatic operation with PLC.

Minimum maintenance.
Our firm provides lubricant ALB-591 in spray and in can, which meet all EU and USA demanded requirements for its use in the Food Industry.

Following our standards, its devices and elements are protected by our own
patents. In order to improve the machine, we reserve the right of modifications
without prior notice.


Net weight: 430 kg
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption: 25 liters/cycle