It performs two simultaneous ties, one at each end of the sausage, leaving them linked by the same string and finally removing the excess product (ring sausage). Otherwise, it makes a double tying at two different sausages, also leaving them linked by the same string.

Without aluminium clips, only with string. Offer of an industrial product with a handcrafted presentation.


Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.

Electrically operated by a single very low consumption motor; it works without compressed air, which entails no noise or possible additional costs such as installations, compressor, etc. Its components are user-friendly and easy to clean.

Minimum maintenance.

Following our standards, its devices and elements are protected by our own patents. In order to improve the machine, we reserve the right of modifications without prior notice.


Net weight: 107 Kg
Electric power: 0,09 Kw